Friday, June 8, 2012

To work or not to work...

The choice was taken out of my hands yesterday. The Internet and phone line went dead in our office. Most of my duties require the Internet to accomplish, believe it or not. That's kind of scary to think about, isn't it? Maybe my boss and I need to have a conversation about that...

On the other hand, I couldn't work yesterday and no phone calls. So I piddled all day with a couple of websites: one belonging to a friend, whose husband I am helping figure out Dreamweaver and CSS, and the band website, which has needed some updates and a spring cleaning since I took it over last year. It was a mess and now, not so much. The person with probably much less knowledge will have a much easier time navigating the files.

Thank goodness I got my words written yesterday morning at home, though. Without Internet at the office, my files, which I access via Dropbox from both locations, couldn't be updated with the versions from home. But then...(blonde moment)...I realized last night, I had my laptop with me yesterday and I could have written on my laptop. *duh* Oh, well, that band website stuff really needed to be done. :)

So the Internet apparently came back up shortly after I left the office yesterday (early) to go to my friend's house and the guys were inundated with phone calls. Figures. Just like washing your car. Today I will be catching up on a few things that I couldn't do yesterday.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for:

Day Two of the Twelve Days of Jen !

So I'd asked for my very own copies of the Harry Potter books in hardback. I am very rarely willing to spend the money on hardbacks, but I love these books and I want them on a shelf in my writing room and I want them to look nice.

I expected one, maybe two of the books, but instead I received all seven of them!


While I love the books, this cute cardboard Hogwarts trunk really was the icing on the cake of this gift. The books will go on a shelf, and the trunk will remain displayed in my writing room.

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