Monday, June 18, 2012

Alone at last!

For the next seven days, it's just the dogs and me. The men have departed and DD is gone as well.

What to do, what to do??

The two main things on my plate are to revise book one and to clean my house. Cleaning also entails completing small projects. So far, my bedroom is almost done. I need to dust and clean off my dresser and then mop the floor. I started with that room first because it was easiest and because it's my sanctuary. I like it when it's clean and tidy and the bed stays relatively made. :)

The house normally gets a good cleaning while the men are gone, but this year I'm also having guests towards the end of that time frame. Some fellow Robin Hood fans are getting together at my house. It's got to be clean, clean, clean. First impressions and all that.

And with everyone gone, no one else has to be considered but the dogs. And they're easy. They get the same food day in and day out, no thought or preparation required. As for me, I've discovered that Albertson's has a really awesome cobb salad in the deli and I'm gonna pick one up every night. (See if I can't drop a few more pounds this week while I have to feed only myself and can eat whatever I want to do that.)

On the weight loss/get healthy kick I'm on, I ordered a set of bicycle pedals last week. The first few nights I only did 20-25 minutes, but yesterday I decided that I was going to pedal for the length of an episode of Bones, and I did. I'm going to do that every night and see what happens.

I'm walking twice around my office building each morning, calisthenics during the day, and now this bike pedaling. Of course, with this amped up calorie burning, I'm hungrier too. But as long as I'm careful about what I use for fuel, I think I'll lose more than I gain.

(All right, enough of that, even I'm getting bored.)

The Twelve Days of Jen

So today, because I'm wearing a pair, and that made it easy to choose the next giftie...socks!

 I'm wearing the blue pair today...

On a slightly more melancholy note, I'd like to remember my dad. Not only was yesterday Father's Day, but it was my dad's birthday. If he were still alive, he would have turned sixty-five this year. Sadly, he died in 2009, three days before Thanksgiving at the age of sixty-two.

I love you, Dad!

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Regina Richards said...

Precious days. Enjoy!