Monday, April 25, 2022

Miscellaneous Monday

 As hoped / intended I'm back... I've got some Miscellaneous Monday items to share with you.

* * * * *


They take blood products pretty serious in the State of Oregon...

In the ladies rooms, at least at the airport in Medford, there were little plastic bags available to seal your blood-soaked sanitary products into. One for napkins, one for tampons. Of course the only place I saw them was the airport, so... Nothing like that in the bathroom at the local Walmart. The concept is great. Can't imagine what the cost is or if whatever those little plastic bags are made of is good/bad for the landfills...

 * * * * *

Nate MacKinnon

I've finally treated myself to a new hockey/pajama shirt. I've been coveting this one for a while and when I received the up-front payment on a recent proofing job, I decided to buy it. I also had a discount code for the site, so I basically saved shipping charges. Either way, it wasn't as much as it would have been otherwise.

I don't talk much about him because his name and his team name is verboten in our household by my hockey partner in crime... buuuut Nate MacKinnon is my second favorite hockey player after Sidney Crosby. Funny enough, they are from the same small town in Nova Scotia. Sid was a hero of Nate's growing up, because why wouldn't the greatest player in the world who was from your same hometown be your hero?

Nate too is becoming an elite player, and his team has a very good chance of going all the way to and winning the Stanley Cup Final. *fingers crossed* I've got $5 on Nate and the Avs.

* * * * *

Speaking of Sidney Crosby

While tootling around Klamath Falls early on in my visit, imagine my pleased surprise to come across this. :0) I don't think anything more needs to be said.

Have a super week, catch you next Monday.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Home Sweet Home


I have returned to the State of Texas...along with my momma. It really is a state of mind, lol.

Anyway, due to health reasons, she's a member of our household now. I promise that not every post is going to be about this. :0) I'm hoping to get back to my regular planned topics, but we're still in a bit of an adjustment phase, getting her set up with doctor's appointments and settling into routines and such.

* * * * *

Oregon was as beautiful as you'd expect. Lots of trees and green-ness. Also--deer where my mom lived out in the country. Two other things that there were a lot of in Mom's neck of the woods--double wide trailer homes and solar panels!

Here are a few pictures from Oregon...

Mount Shasta in the southern distance (across the border, actually, in California).

Deer in the back yard...they'd just jumped over the fence into the yard when I took the dogs out at one point. Once I recovered my wits, I was able to get this (not great) picture.

And here...if you have the volume up loud enough--is the sound of the wind through the pine trees. Such an amazing sound.

But we escaped Oregon in the nick of time because this week--SNOW! They're supposed to get one to three inches every night all this week. Yikes!


Whew!! ~ that we traveled to Texas before that hit. :0)
Hope you're all well, my dear blog readers.
I'm going to shoot for once a week for the next month or so until things settle around here. Bear with me.
Have a great week.