Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek - The New Movie

I saw the new Star Trek film last Friday. Twice, in fact.

I really enjoyed it. I haven't seen enough of the original series to catch all the related jokes, but I really enjoyed learning each character's background. I thought the casting of young versions of each of the main characters was very well done, and although I never liked the older, womanizing version of Kirk, I really liked his younger bad boy self.

Leonard Nimoy played a central role in the plot, which I thought was a tremendous idea.

There was a little romantic twist I didn't expect, but thoroughly bought into--but I won't give it away. So much so, I drug my kids out to see the movie so I could watch it again. Probably not the best idea at 10 pm as I slept through most of it--but I caught the good parts.

The beginning is a bit slow as they give a bit too much prologue, but once it gets going, it's well worth it.
I think any Trekkie will enjoy it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's time for summer!


In past years, I've experienced end-of-year-itis much like my kids. It wasn't as bad this year--not creeping up on me until just recently, with only three weeks left of school. Usually, I get antsy with about two months left... I attribute the lag to the fact that my son rides the bus to and from school. That's really what drives me insane--the trips back and forth to school on a daily basis. And our middle school is the worst set-up for traffic I've ever experienced. And I'm on my third go-round.

Anywho...tonight is my son's band program and next Thursday, my middle child graduates from high school. And then we're off for the summer. I even get summer vacation (sort of) this year.

Come June 8, I'm working half days. The kids and I will spend mornings cleaning house. Well, mostly the kids. I'll be there to command the troops.
We may get a couple of field trips in there, if they do good.

We'll be taking a couple of camping trips, hopefully, and I'm also hoping for a houseboating trip--but not until after the peak season, which for most lakes/houseboat rental places is the end of September.

Any special summer plans?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


are cathartic.

I just read a post from another blog that made me tear up enough for the moisture to hover on the edge of my lower lids...

Her topic? Her youngest child (of six) is graduating--as is she to a new phase of life.

I have a child graduating, too, although she's not done with school. But it was more the thought of my baby, my only son being grown and ready to graduate. I can't imagine that time, although it's only five short years away.

Is it something about mothers and sons that gets me more than the thought of the graduating in and of itself. I had/have no moments of wistful remembrances of my daughters. I'm eager for them to grow up and out - yes, the oldest more than the younger - but the thought doesn't move me to tears as it does when I consider my son. Maybe it's more because he's my baby than because he's my only son, but who's to say?

As for tears, any good excuse to shed a tear or two or a hundred is welcome. Whether from a touching or sad moment, or a good belly laugh because something tickled my funny bone, makes no difference.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, as you all should know, Mother's Day was this past Sunday. On Saturday, we trekked out to my sister-in-law's house for dinner--turkey dinner with all the trimmings. De-lish. My mother-in-law was there, and my other sister-in-law flew up from Houston, and we had a grand ol' time visiting and eating and playing games.

On Sunday, my little family stayed home--mostly. Hubby and the kids disappeared mid-morning to buy my gifts. Which was really a two-fer--I got a couple of hours of peace and quiet *and* gifts!

So what did I get you ask... Well, I got a new pair of ear buds for my iPod, a new hard plastic case for my iPod, a couple of movies, a bouquet of tulips, and a new iPod.

I'd asked for one. One with much more storage than my old. Four times as much, I might add, for the same price as my old one two years ago. Gotta love technology. I love my iPod. I have quite a bit of music, but mostly I love to convert my favorite TV shows/movies from DVD and put them on my iPod.

And really I don't ask for much. My husband sometimes complains that I'm too low maintenance. He's the one who tends to spend money in large quantities...

My kids are all asking what I'm planning to do with my old iPod. I haven't told them yet, but I will probably give it to my youngest daughter as part of her graduation present. My older daughter won't be very pleased about that. My son was never in the running. He's not responsible/trustworthy enough yet.

As for the rest of my daughter's graduation gift, we're getting her a Kindle 2 - an e-reader. I want one, too...maybe for my birthday. But they're not cheap, so one may be all we go for--at least in June. My anniversary's in July... ;)

I never imagined I'd be a gadget person, but there you go!

Do you have a favorite gadget?