Saturday, May 30, 2009

Star Trek - The New Movie

I saw the new Star Trek film last Friday. Twice, in fact.

I really enjoyed it. I haven't seen enough of the original series to catch all the related jokes, but I really enjoyed learning each character's background. I thought the casting of young versions of each of the main characters was very well done, and although I never liked the older, womanizing version of Kirk, I really liked his younger bad boy self.

Leonard Nimoy played a central role in the plot, which I thought was a tremendous idea.

There was a little romantic twist I didn't expect, but thoroughly bought into--but I won't give it away. So much so, I drug my kids out to see the movie so I could watch it again. Probably not the best idea at 10 pm as I slept through most of it--but I caught the good parts.

The beginning is a bit slow as they give a bit too much prologue, but once it gets going, it's well worth it.
I think any Trekkie will enjoy it.

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