Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Lake Conroe is As Beautiful As Ever!

The annual Lake Conroe Retreat is in the books. Yesterday was the last day/travel day, which is why I'm posting today instead of yesterday. We had a wonderful time as we usually do, and I got some issues sorted and made some progress on the book I've been struggling with for a couple of months. I should be **AM** good to go now. I should **WILL** be able to get this book done in time to publish it in time for my conference in October.

(I'm putting those positive vibes into the universe.) 😁

Here's to a great week of writing!! Catch you next week.

Monday, July 19, 2021

I'm Tired Just thinking About The Next Three / Four Months...

If I'm not on a trip, I'll be planning a trip...

Next up--Lake Conroe...

After that--a road trip home to see the fam...

And after that--a readers/writers conference...

And after that...it'll be time for the holidays. Oh joy.

This past weekend, my JAG ladies gathered in Dallas. We hadn't seen each other since May of 2019, so it was def nice to gather with everyone willing and able to make it. I skipped out of Sunday events in order to get ready for and rest up for my work week as I am wont to do.

In preparation for the conference I was working on my website and FUBARed it, so will have to ask an employee for help today. Ugh. I'm a menace to myself sometimes...

DH managed the tree-trimmers this weekend. The tree that grows along the fence in the neighbor's yard, covers the corner of our yard as well. But it'd finally reached the point again where it was weighing down the power and internet lines. So now I--or rather, the lawn guy--can actually walk upright on that side of the yard and we're no longer in danger of power our internet outages due to tree.

The also cut back all the stuff touching the roof. Not just that original tree, but the one hanging over my office. It's a bit odd, but nice, to go outside and have so much openness. The squirrels are now in a bit of a pickle since they can't get from the roof to the trees any longer.

Hope you're well and have a great week...

Monday, July 12, 2021

Hello Friends and Followers!



Hope you're all well. It's been a couple of weeks and a lot has happened.

The Tampa Bay Lightning became back-to-back Stanley Cup Champs. 😒

And that's all we're gonna say about that.

* * *

The Fourth of July was another record-breaking year. I don't know the details yet. DH was exhausted when he returned home and spent the week resting & sleeping as needed. We'll sort the numbers this week.

Remember at the beginning of June where I whined about upgrading my status at the October conference I attend from "regular" author to "featured" author? I did upgrade and I am now excited to report that I was able to put together a Storyteller Panel with three other authors, including one of the most prolific and popular authors at the conference. She'll definitely be a draw. Our topic: The Challenges and Joys of Writing MM Sports Romance.

Now... Since I don't do physical books, I now have to come up with some swag ideas to give away. I'll definitely give away e-books, but I need to have something the participating attendees (ask a question, pick a prize)  can walk away with. So I've been Googling ideas. Amazon has coughed up hockey stick pencils, hockey player rubber ducks, and stress-relief squishy pucks. Hmmm...

* * *

I finally have my rowing machine... There's a tv. There's nice squishy mat. There's an aerobic step. The home gym is now complete in terms of equipment. Just need to replace the ceiling fans.

* * *

Have a great week...