Monday, July 12, 2021

Hello Friends and Followers!



Hope you're all well. It's been a couple of weeks and a lot has happened.

The Tampa Bay Lightning became back-to-back Stanley Cup Champs. 😒

And that's all we're gonna say about that.

* * *

The Fourth of July was another record-breaking year. I don't know the details yet. DH was exhausted when he returned home and spent the week resting & sleeping as needed. We'll sort the numbers this week.

Remember at the beginning of June where I whined about upgrading my status at the October conference I attend from "regular" author to "featured" author? I did upgrade and I am now excited to report that I was able to put together a Storyteller Panel with three other authors, including one of the most prolific and popular authors at the conference. She'll definitely be a draw. Our topic: The Challenges and Joys of Writing MM Sports Romance.

Now... Since I don't do physical books, I now have to come up with some swag ideas to give away. I'll definitely give away e-books, but I need to have something the participating attendees (ask a question, pick a prize)  can walk away with. So I've been Googling ideas. Amazon has coughed up hockey stick pencils, hockey player rubber ducks, and stress-relief squishy pucks. Hmmm...

* * *

I finally have my rowing machine... There's a tv. There's nice squishy mat. There's an aerobic step. The home gym is now complete in terms of equipment. Just need to replace the ceiling fans.

* * *

Have a great week...


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