Friday, March 20, 2009


Yes, I've been missing. I'm here, but I'm not. There's a few things on my mind and I've been in a funk.

I've found a new obsession.'s The West Wing. I'm totally into it and can't watch it fast enough because I have to wait for my husband. However, all seasons are available on DVD and through iTunes. Plus there's a plethora of fan fic that keeps me tied over.

We schlepped down to Sea World in San Antonio on Wednesday with the kids. Our oldest had been before on her junior class trip, but the younger two had never been. The park itself pales in comparison to, say, Six Flags over Texas here in our own back yard. But seeing the killer whales was totally worth the downsides of the trip.

We got our son to go on one of the roller coasters. And I'm sorta sorry we did. I have a healthy respect for coasters, and will go on them if they're not too large or scary looking, but the boy was petrified. I would have enjoyed it, but for my fear he was gonna hurl. And had the ride not ended when it did, he would have. I'm all for overcoming your fears, but maybe we should have picked something a little tamer...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Nine in the Afternoon

I got my first 100% on Rock Band the other night playing the song Nine in the Afternoon by Panic at the Disco.

I've been dabbling at the drums for about two years now--can't do guitar, and there's no way I'm doing vocals!

But finally, finally I was able to play a song without missing a single note. Granted, I'm still on the 'easy' level, but I was happy to finally get 100%.

Now my younger daughter regularly scores 100% at the hard and occasionally the expert level. I don't know if I'll ever crank up my skills that much--I don't really spend enough time playing.

But I have fun playing with my kids & doing something they enjoy.