Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Better Already...

I started doing Wii Fit Saturday morning. YAY! And have done so every morning since. My aches and pains have mostly subsided. Woot! However, when you go through the little program, it asks you how much you want to lose and in what time frame. It weighs you and measures (somehow) your body mass index. (I guess based on your height which you probably keyed in at some point when creating your "Mii" character.)

On Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to lose two pounds in two weeks. I've started drinking more water again and cutting way back on the junk I had allowed to creep back into my diet. Plus it's that time of the month, so I figured part of my weight was water weight and it would go away in a few days and give me a bit of a boost towards losing those two pounds.

How did I gain weight??? Not much, just .2 pounds two days in a row...for .4 net gain. Grrr...!

Well, I had pizza and wings last night, so that was part of my problem, I'm sure. :)

Okay, so...maybe 5am isn't the best time to exercise. But there's no other good time and I think as long as I stay consistent, it should eventually work out. Right? I hope so. I am also going to start walking to the post office again in the afternoon--as long as the temps aren't tooooo cold. And I have my jacket. That ought to help. And not only with weight management, but I find getting outside, especially when it's sunny, though the occasionally cloudy day doesn't bother me, helps my emotions stay balanced as well. Helps fight the depression I am prey to.

Tuesday word count check-in is also good news: just over 3200 words which is 700 past my goal. So Snoopy dance for that too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Brr...It's Freakin' Cold Here

It's twenty degrees Fahrenheit as I type. The car was a bit frosty this morning but no scraping needed as I started it a good fifteen minutes before I left. Cold is not my favorite season and I'm very thankful that we only get *this* cold sporadically. My knees do not like it one bit.

It's going to be another fairly quiet weekend. Hubby will be working on a forensic case most of Saturday and helping a friend on Sunday. I have a meeting at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday in preparation for working during the Super Bowl, but other than that and laundry, the weekend is mine.

My plans--to write my requisite 2500 words, listen to a writing workshop or two and apply the lessons to a current WIP or two or three, work on my website director job description and the procedures for my writing chapter's Procedure Manual (a document I should have written two years ago when I last held the position!), and work on my "Website Primer for Dummies" tutorial.

I'm trying to provide some basic training for any chapter mates who are so inclined to learn with an eye to possibly doing my job when I can't any longer. A person can only be in any one board position for two years and on the board for four before having to step down for at least one year. Last year was my down year.

Other than that, I am in website director mode, adding a few things to our site and doing a little housekeeping.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello World

After too many years to admit too, I finally have a doctors appointment. It's just for a general physical to start and then we'll work up to gynecological visits. But I'm paying an outrageous amount for health care that I never use so I've decided to finally get my butt in gear.

I've been doing a bit of housekeeping in my iTunes, removing all the stuff that belongs to my kids that I don't like and giving it back to them. I maintain two copies of my collection, one on the business server where space is really not an issue and the other on my laptop where space is at a premium. And I'm one of those anal personalities who wants my two collections to match (except for my TV show/movie collection which would fill my laptop hard drive twice over). So I have been weeding through.

The one big project I have been working on for over a week is almost finished. It won't ever be completely done, but the big annual rush of a certain task is almost over. *whew* That's been a bit of a stresser for me.

Next up, a meeting at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in preparation for working the Super Bowl, including a motivational talk by Jerry Jones himself. I doubt I'll get to meet him personally, but on the off chance I do, I'm going to ask him why it's such a problem to get a decent broom and dust pan in the stand (that I don't have to share with the neighboring stand) so I can clean his multi-billion dollar investment properly.

The weather is warming up. I drove to work this am with the windows slightly down to enjoy the fresh, cool morning air. Had the heat on my feet, tho. :)

How are things with you?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Now what's going on around here??

Nothing. Much.

I have been completely unmotivated and uninterested in anything. Writing, reading, watching TV shows or movies...

I attended my monthly writer's group meeting on Saturday, which was awesome. Well, except for the noise. We had a way larger group than usual and it was *noisy*!! All those women and men chattering. It was almost more than I could handle.

Hubby was gone almost all weekend, so I had my bed to myself which is nice. I can sleep stretched out or rolled over on his side, and I don't have to worry about snoring (mine, not his). :)

I did get some writing done, despite my first statement. I forced myself. I hooked up with an online friend to be accountable to each other for 2500 words a week and check-in day is Tuesday. So total words: just over 2900 actually, so that felt good.

Anyway, the new week begins and I have a couple things I *have* to work on, so I'm off...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's going on around here...?

Well, for starters, I am sick. It's been quite some time since I have said that. One of my mottoes is "God never gives you more than you can handle." For months I have been stressed about many many things, primarily finances. But I have not been sick. Oh, the sickies have tried to get me, but I fought them off.

Sunday, I started feeling the onset of the sickies and I fought as hard as I could, but the sickies won this round. However, yesterday, we received a huge check for some forensic work hubby did last month. That allowed us to get pretty much caught up on all the bills. So now, I can be sick and not have to worry about money. At least for another few weeks.

As for me, my Robin Hood fandom is quiet at the moment, although we are gearing up for a couple of events. My writing chapter will be e-mailing out contest entries to judges (of which I am one) so I'll be judging those here shortly. I am on schedule with my one-episode-a-day Robin Hood rewatch and have jettisoned through the first four and half seasons of Stargate Atlantis, too. Gotta love John Sheppard--a man in uniform with a gun just really thrills me for some reason. I have hooked up with a gal in Florida that I know from my RH fandom for online writing accountability. We check-in on Tuesdays with word counts. The goal is 2K a week.