Monday, January 17, 2011

Now what's going on around here??

Nothing. Much.

I have been completely unmotivated and uninterested in anything. Writing, reading, watching TV shows or movies...

I attended my monthly writer's group meeting on Saturday, which was awesome. Well, except for the noise. We had a way larger group than usual and it was *noisy*!! All those women and men chattering. It was almost more than I could handle.

Hubby was gone almost all weekend, so I had my bed to myself which is nice. I can sleep stretched out or rolled over on his side, and I don't have to worry about snoring (mine, not his). :)

I did get some writing done, despite my first statement. I forced myself. I hooked up with an online friend to be accountable to each other for 2500 words a week and check-in day is Tuesday. So total words: just over 2900 actually, so that felt good.

Anyway, the new week begins and I have a couple things I *have* to work on, so I'm off...


Regina Richards said...

Too much time alone is a curse, but a little time alone is a gift. Glad you got the bed to yourself for a while.

I've also had a bed to myself. I've been sleeping in my mother's bed. Hospice brought in a hospital bed for her, though she doesn't sleep in it. She sleeps in her recliner. My sister wanted the recliner removed from the room so mom would be forced to sleep in her bed. But I refused to allow it and the hospice nurse backed me up. Mom sits, sleeps, eats, does as she pleases is my motto. Apparently it is hospice's motto as well so we are getting along fine.

Sis is happy with it too now. She was worried about mom's circulation but once we realized that a properly placed foot pillow would take care of the swelling nicely, sis was happy and so were we all.

Life is short. Might as well be happy.

Regina Richards

Jen FitzGerald said...

*hugs* for you Regina. And bless you for taking such good care of your mom.