Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Better Already...

I started doing Wii Fit Saturday morning. YAY! And have done so every morning since. My aches and pains have mostly subsided. Woot! However, when you go through the little program, it asks you how much you want to lose and in what time frame. It weighs you and measures (somehow) your body mass index. (I guess based on your height which you probably keyed in at some point when creating your "Mii" character.)

On Saturday morning, I decided I wanted to lose two pounds in two weeks. I've started drinking more water again and cutting way back on the junk I had allowed to creep back into my diet. Plus it's that time of the month, so I figured part of my weight was water weight and it would go away in a few days and give me a bit of a boost towards losing those two pounds.

How did I gain weight??? Not much, just .2 pounds two days in a row...for .4 net gain. Grrr...!

Well, I had pizza and wings last night, so that was part of my problem, I'm sure. :)

Okay, so...maybe 5am isn't the best time to exercise. But there's no other good time and I think as long as I stay consistent, it should eventually work out. Right? I hope so. I am also going to start walking to the post office again in the afternoon--as long as the temps aren't tooooo cold. And I have my jacket. That ought to help. And not only with weight management, but I find getting outside, especially when it's sunny, though the occasionally cloudy day doesn't bother me, helps my emotions stay balanced as well. Helps fight the depression I am prey to.

Tuesday word count check-in is also good news: just over 3200 words which is 700 past my goal. So Snoopy dance for that too.

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mtnchild said...

Keep going and it will work! I want to start walking again too, but with 20 deg outside and lots of mud on the roads, I think I'll wait a bit, like a few months!!! I also want to wait until after surgery ...

You're doing great with the writing. Is this one of your romantic novels?
Love you,