Friday, January 21, 2011

Brr...It's Freakin' Cold Here

It's twenty degrees Fahrenheit as I type. The car was a bit frosty this morning but no scraping needed as I started it a good fifteen minutes before I left. Cold is not my favorite season and I'm very thankful that we only get *this* cold sporadically. My knees do not like it one bit.

It's going to be another fairly quiet weekend. Hubby will be working on a forensic case most of Saturday and helping a friend on Sunday. I have a meeting at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday in preparation for working during the Super Bowl, but other than that and laundry, the weekend is mine.

My plans--to write my requisite 2500 words, listen to a writing workshop or two and apply the lessons to a current WIP or two or three, work on my website director job description and the procedures for my writing chapter's Procedure Manual (a document I should have written two years ago when I last held the position!), and work on my "Website Primer for Dummies" tutorial.

I'm trying to provide some basic training for any chapter mates who are so inclined to learn with an eye to possibly doing my job when I can't any longer. A person can only be in any one board position for two years and on the board for four before having to step down for at least one year. Last year was my down year.

Other than that, I am in website director mode, adding a few things to our site and doing a little housekeeping.

Have a great weekend!


mtnchild said...

Yup, 20 here too! I don't know how high your temperature gets during the day, but we only get into the upper 40's or so.

You are as bad as me sometimes, with the procrastinating. But you are at least working on it even if it is a bit late ... LOL I just don't ever seem to start.

The laundry I'm working on is washing all the fabric I've bought over the years that hasn't come out of the paper rolls! I don't like to work with unwashed fabric, and in working with multiple fabrics on a project, I don't know how much each will shrink.

Is the band playing at the Super Bowl or is it just you working? I'll watch half time if they're playing, but that's it.

Enjoy your weekend
Love you

Jen FitzGerald said...

The temp wasn't too bad by the time I went home.

I wish the kids were playing the Super Bowl, but no, just us working. Adults only, no students at all.

According to this meeting yesterday, there will be over 1 million fans and 6K workers.

Normally we park in the ballpark parking lots a few blocks north of the stadium, but for the SB we have to park at Lone Star Park, the horse racing venue a few miles down the freeway. Then they'll bus us over to the stadium.

It's going to be a long and hectic day.