Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello World

After too many years to admit too, I finally have a doctors appointment. It's just for a general physical to start and then we'll work up to gynecological visits. But I'm paying an outrageous amount for health care that I never use so I've decided to finally get my butt in gear.

I've been doing a bit of housekeeping in my iTunes, removing all the stuff that belongs to my kids that I don't like and giving it back to them. I maintain two copies of my collection, one on the business server where space is really not an issue and the other on my laptop where space is at a premium. And I'm one of those anal personalities who wants my two collections to match (except for my TV show/movie collection which would fill my laptop hard drive twice over). So I have been weeding through.

The one big project I have been working on for over a week is almost finished. It won't ever be completely done, but the big annual rush of a certain task is almost over. *whew* That's been a bit of a stresser for me.

Next up, a meeting at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in preparation for working the Super Bowl, including a motivational talk by Jerry Jones himself. I doubt I'll get to meet him personally, but on the off chance I do, I'm going to ask him why it's such a problem to get a decent broom and dust pan in the stand (that I don't have to share with the neighboring stand) so I can clean his multi-billion dollar investment properly.

The weather is warming up. I drove to work this am with the windows slightly down to enjoy the fresh, cool morning air. Had the heat on my feet, tho. :)

How are things with you?

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