Wednesday, May 13, 2009


are cathartic.

I just read a post from another blog that made me tear up enough for the moisture to hover on the edge of my lower lids...

Her topic? Her youngest child (of six) is graduating--as is she to a new phase of life.

I have a child graduating, too, although she's not done with school. But it was more the thought of my baby, my only son being grown and ready to graduate. I can't imagine that time, although it's only five short years away.

Is it something about mothers and sons that gets me more than the thought of the graduating in and of itself. I had/have no moments of wistful remembrances of my daughters. I'm eager for them to grow up and out - yes, the oldest more than the younger - but the thought doesn't move me to tears as it does when I consider my son. Maybe it's more because he's my baby than because he's my only son, but who's to say?

As for tears, any good excuse to shed a tear or two or a hundred is welcome. Whether from a touching or sad moment, or a good belly laugh because something tickled my funny bone, makes no difference.

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L.A. Mitchell said...

Thankfully, that is many years away for me. :)