Monday, April 18, 2022

Home Sweet Home


I have returned to the State of Texas...along with my momma. It really is a state of mind, lol.

Anyway, due to health reasons, she's a member of our household now. I promise that not every post is going to be about this. :0) I'm hoping to get back to my regular planned topics, but we're still in a bit of an adjustment phase, getting her set up with doctor's appointments and settling into routines and such.

* * * * *

Oregon was as beautiful as you'd expect. Lots of trees and green-ness. Also--deer where my mom lived out in the country. Two other things that there were a lot of in Mom's neck of the woods--double wide trailer homes and solar panels!

Here are a few pictures from Oregon...

Mount Shasta in the southern distance (across the border, actually, in California).

Deer in the back yard...they'd just jumped over the fence into the yard when I took the dogs out at one point. Once I recovered my wits, I was able to get this (not great) picture.

And here...if you have the volume up loud enough--is the sound of the wind through the pine trees. Such an amazing sound.

But we escaped Oregon in the nick of time because this week--SNOW! They're supposed to get one to three inches every night all this week. Yikes!


Whew!! ~ that we traveled to Texas before that hit. :0)
Hope you're all well, my dear blog readers.
I'm going to shoot for once a week for the next month or so until things settle around here. Bear with me.
Have a great week.

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