Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road Trip!

So yesterday I got leave the office behind and go on a short road trip, though it was enough for me. I had to pick up a hard drive from the Tarrant County D.A.'s office and run it south to DH. It was a lovely afternoon for a drive, and even though the temps were supposed to have been in the 90s, it was actually quite nice driving with the window down. Here was my view most of the way down:

When I got there I saw the new toy the boys bought. DH is planning on showing fireworks videos while there are customers in the store. When not showing off cool fireworks displays, the younger boys, Sonshine and his friend, whom I will refer to as Board Boy (skateboard reference), will get to enjoy playing Xbox games on the shiny. If only I had one of those suckers at home to watch my favorite shows. (Maybe for our anniversary this year. Hmm....)

Last Saturday was writing meeting day and I picked up my new charm. There's two new from the last picture you saw--the boot and the small oval-shaped disk on the left. It reads: Aspire.

Speaking of writing, I'm at the place now where I usually quit working on one story and begin something else. Why? Because I'm at the hard part now--layering in the emotions without telling and being repetitious. Maybe I should just tell and then go back through and re-write to show. For example, "She was pissed." versus "Her fists clenched and she saw red. Heat suffused her fast and she checked the urge to deck the son of a gun." Big difference. It looks easy doesn't it? Not always so.

But I was thinking this morning as I was walking (up to 2 times around the building now), and as I told my encouragement partner, "how about just 125 words instead". Makes little sense to you without details, but what that means for me is to focus on a paragraph at a time, instead of thinking of the whole manuscript and feeling overwhelmed. One paragraph, then the next and the next until I'm at the end. Sounds like a plan.

And now, the Twelve Days of Jen

New ear buds and new headphones so I can listen to my iPod or watch TV shows or movies on my iPad without bothering anyone and also so I can hear over all the other noise in the house. We ended up buying DH his own set of headphones for Father's Day because he also watches videos and TV shows on his iPad and is going deaf.

And that's it for today! Have a great rest of the week. See you Friday.


Aubrie said...

Good luck with your writing! Taking it a paragraph at a time is the best thing to do.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Thanks, Aubrie!