Monday, June 25, 2012


This weekend was a busy one. What with my JAG meet and continued revisions and the ongoing preparations for my Robin Hood meetup...

The JAG meet was fun as it always is, seeing gals I only see this one time a year. I taste-tested a new hor duerve that I'm going try at home one of these days. My friend called them jalapeno poppers, though I think that name can also refer to other similar dishes and others might call this one something else. Any who, you get fresh jalapenos and de-seed and de-vein and cut them in half, smear a dollop of cream cheese in the pepper half and then wrap in bacon. Grill or bake or broil! Yummy!!

JAG is usually playing via DVD throughout the weekend and, at any given time, you can find a handful of us enjoying it.

Who remembers the writing room? Yeah? Well, it's also called the dog room, but I spent some time and money making it more writing room than dog room. I still have a couple things left to do, but this is what I accomplished this weekend:

I've been trying to get this plate rack up for months, but I just could not get the anchors I bought to install all the way. I think I was hitting a stud. Instead I did a few calculations and determined the center of the wall, measured outward the correct amount to *drill* holes for a different type of anchor and WA LA! Yes, I used a power drill and had so much fun. So my rack is up and it just needs the plates. (I'll share those in a week or two.)

I also used the drill to deepen the holes so that I could put the other shelves back up. I had to go buy new shelves--narrower ones and I moved our whole collection of DVDs into the writing room. I still have some other shelves to put up, but they're the wider ones and will go on the bottom half of the wall for books and other knick knacks and things.

This didn't require drilling, just a hammer and a nail, and yes it is hanging lop-sided on purpose.

The following thisngs have been up for a while now, I just haven't shared them:

Sonshine's Lemony Snicket books are in my writing room ans he's not of an age to truly appreciate hard bound books. Also, he's a little old for Lemony Snicket these days. This hangs to the left of the above sign. And to the right of it hangs my bird clock which actually chirps at the top of each hour.

Lots of pictures today, and we're almost done!

The Twelve Days of Jen

More books, a pair of them, detailing the legacy of the Indians of the Americas. It's interesting, though dry. I've had a tough time plowing through them. Mom, I think you'd enjoy them, too, and will probably send them along at some point.

Hope you had a nice weekend. Was it productive or lazy??

Also, this was post number 500 !! Can you believe it??

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mtnchild said...

Looks like you're getting your sh*t together! OK, I'll take the books when you eventually finish them ... LOL. My weekend was busy - Saturday I went up the hill and we split wood. Phew! Sunday I went up again and we butchered chickens. I now have 3 fresh chickens ready for the freezer. I also planted some more peppers in the garden ... I'm tired today, but we need to go to town ... it never ends does it?
Love you