Friday, June 29, 2012

The fun has begun...

My first fellow Robin Hood fan girl arrived last night, and we went to eat at a local BBQ joint--awesome brisket--and then spent the evening chatting and sharing life stories and talking about writing. (She's pursuing publication also.)

The rest of our peeps should be arriving in another two hours or so and then the real fun will begin.

In keeping this short and getting back to my house guest, we'll get straight to the final installment of...

The Twelve Days of Jen

On Wednesday I said I had only one gift left to share, but I lied. I realized just last night that there was one more gift that I'd forgotten to mention or even get a picture of. That has been rectified and so I share with you the last two gifts.

Firstly, the one I'd forgotten: new dishes: twelve place settings for a mere $100 and no useless saucers.

Remember back in April or so, I posted about my Revereware kettle that was on its last legs:

I did tell my family that I absolutely was getting a new one as one of my birthday/Mother's Day gifts. They were all so excited to see my reaction when I opened it, but it was rather anti-climactic, I thought, since I knew I was getting it.

Regardless of the lack of surprise (the set of HP books was a real surprise), I was thrilled to get it. :)

I've shared all my cool gifts and now I'm off to have fun with my friends. Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.


C. A. Szarek said...

Love the new teapot! I wish my cupboards were that organized! Good job!

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