Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lizard Love

In our back yard, we apparently have three Texas tree lizards living in a pile of rocks. We've had them for years--the lizards, not the pile of rocks. So last evening DD calls me over to the kitchen window saying one lizard is chasing the other. I'd only ever seen one, but we spotted yet a third as we watched. I speculated on whether it was parent/child or male/female activity. And I found out a short time later...*whoa*

Fat Patches

As promised, this is Fat Patches:

Fat Patches is the kitty who lives across the street. With a name like Fat Patches, I'm pretty sure he was named by one of the kids. I think it's totally cute, as is the kitty. And so sweet. Since I no longer have a kitty of my own, I get kitty fixes by petting Patches. he's very friendly and enjoys the attention. I love to pick him up and feel the internal rumbles of his purring. Last night, I could hear it as well as feel it.

One more:

And last but not least...

The Twelve Days of Jen

I wanted a picture frame for my official picture of Sonshine in his marching band uniform, and I got one:

Have a great day and see you back here Friday!!

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mtnchild said...

Nice frame ... nice looking kid!