Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Adrift... and The Twelve Days of Jen

Now that summer's here, I'm feeling adrift. Without classes dictating when Sonshine has to be at school, I have to redefine my morning schedule. But how do I want to do that? I know. It's up to me. I wanted to start walking again, but do I do that at home or here in the business park? I should be getting up early and writing/revising, but again, at home or at work? I suppose, I'll work it out eventually.

Anyway...I've had things to share for a while, so lets get started...

In case you couldn't tell by the color scheme of this here blog, I'm somewhat of a patriot. Yes, I love my country and what it's supposed to stand for. My bedroom is decorated in a red/white/blue scheme, with flags even and some Americana knick knacks. Some painted by my dear mother.

I found these socks a few weeks ago. Cool, huh??

Sonshine has been a Lego fan from way back. Of course, at his age, he needs sets that are a little more challenging (and are expensive). The last few years he's received several Star Wars sets and I finally got them hung up in his bedroom: (top: Luke Skywalker's X-wing fighter shoots bottom: Darth Vader's Tie fighter)

He has Han Solo's Millennium Falcon as well, which we had pics of from Christmas and which is still at the fireworks store and not hung from the ceiling:

We haz drums again! Our foot pedal on our original set of drums broke and you you can't play without the foot pedal. I like to play with the kids, plus music helps keep the brain active. So here they are:

And last but not least, the twelve days of Jen.I celebrated my birthday on Mother's Day and got twice the haul! And as promised, in no particular order, is one of my wonderful gifts:

It's not the most exciting gift, but since there are so many other cool pics above, I thought I'd include one of the more boring gifts. *But* without this camera battery charger, we wouldn't *have* any of the other pictures!

And so Happy Hump Day to you!! We'll see you Friday with next installment of the Twelve Days of Jen. :)

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