Friday, June 1, 2012

The Hell??

So last night, DD went to Subway to get dinner. And then she called when she was almost home and said to come outside as she wanted to show me something funny.

So I trek out to the driveway and this is what I see on the hood of the truck:

Believe it or not, this little lizard rode all the way to Subway and back on the hood of the truck!!

DD said she tried to shoo it off at the corner when she first left, but he wouldn't. So she just went. As did he.

When she got back, we tried again to get him off. Then he jumped onto DD's arm. See here:

And then he finally jumped to the grass and scampered off.

Just crazy!

Do you have a wild or crazy animal story?? Please share.

And have a great weekend. :)

1 comment:

Angi Morgan said...

That's very very cool.

Crazy animal stories? Well, every day is a crazy day here with two pups.

But their adorable,