Monday, June 11, 2012

Here we are again...

Another Monday, another work week, and yet another post. I've really gotten excited about this blogging thing lately, though I'm not sure why. Part of it comes from having my camera back in working order. Pictures add a lot, I think, and sometimes words just aren't enough.

This weekend was crazy. No not really, though I keep thinking that word in my head. On Saturday, Sonshine and I worked a Cowboy Stadium event--the Brothers of the Sun concert. The brothers: Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. Jake Owen and Grace Potter opened.

We weren't all that busy as our stand was behind the stage. And we got to close down right after the intermission between Tim and Kenny's performances. I must say, Tim was awesome. And when he came out for his encore, he performed another four songs. Kenny is not one of my favorites as a person, though I enjoy his songs, one of which is a current favorite and which I did not hear before we left. (bummer)

Because they shut us down early I was home earlier than expected. YAY. But working totally wiped me out and Sunday was a pretty big bust for me. I slept till after 9am which is very unusual for me, even on the weekends. I like to be up early before everyone else to enjoy the peace and quiet and to get some good writing or revising done. And I slept really, really hard. When I woke up I just felt like lead. And had the dogs not started making noise I might have slept longer. (yikes)

After that I had to go grocery shopping, which I also like to do early before the store gets crowded. And because my Neighborhood Walmart does not carry one of the only brands of food one of my dogs can eat (due to her allergies) I had to then go to Pet Smart. Argh.

And believe it or not, I actually took a three-hour nap. I was finally somewhat refreshed at that point and got some chores started. But my brain just could not engage with looking at words on the virtual page so I skipped any and all writing/revising yesterday and continued my Bones re-watch.

Oh say does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave...

This morning on the way to work I hit the post office. I'm glad to report that the American flag has been replaced. It was looking a bit ragged last week. I keep an eye on it, you see, because several years ago, that flag was in terrible condition. It gets frayed from flapping in the breeze each and every day. I get that. But this was really too much. The flag was ripped along the stripe lines at least a quarter of the way, and for a flag in that condition to flapping in front of a post office?? I'm sorry, but that's unacceptable to me. And so I went online and complained. Yes, I did. The flag was replaced post haste and to this day a new flag is usually up there within days of me noticing its condition again.

And now, the next installment of...

The Twelve Days of Jen

Jar candles: sweet lavender, coastal waters and fresh cotton scents. I've only burned the lavender one so far.

On Wednesday, I'll introduce you to Fat Patches and share another of my cool prezzies.

Keep cool!

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mtnchild said...

I'm glad you keep an eye on the flag. It should look whole - the country might not be, but the flag needs to be.

I've had mornings where I'm not up until 8 or so and that makes me feel sluggish for a good part of the day too! I like the early mornings around 6:30 - 7:00.

I'm getting ready for another camping trip next weekend - only for 3 days, but it is always fun.