Monday, March 5, 2012


It was quite the weekend. And I'm so definitely glad it's over so that things can return to some semblance of normal. But it will take a few days...

Jazz on the Hill this past Friday night was a success. The kids played great. The food was pretty good and I left the auction with four soccer tickets and two zoo tickets. DD and I have been wanting to go to the zoo for something like six or seven years now. The last time we went to the Fort Worth Zoo was before we even moved to Texas. Twelve years ago. Sad, huh?? And our zoo is like the fifth best attraction in the Metroplex and the 19th best zoo in the nation.

Professional Bull Riding was fun. I wish I could have actually watched this event. It was quite exciting. I might have to scope out some local rodeos or hit the county fairs when they come around. Alas, there was a Dierks Bentley concert before the bull riding so our night was considerably longer than expected.

Sunday was filled with shopping and then wrapping and then visiting. Shopping is one of my least favorite tasks. On top of that, I didn't get any chores done save a bit of laundry done this weekend either, so all that is going to spill into my week.

On a more exciting note, last week I added more than 4100 news words to my two current works in progress. Unfortunately, I'm 1500 words behind for this week since yesterday was a bust for writing. So I'll have to be cranking out some words over the course of the next five days.

So how was you're weekend?

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C. A. Szarek said...

Mine was hectic, working as usual. I am behind on my letters. Finished R on Sunday and had to post it yesterday. Same w/ S. Looks like I will have to finish it today.

Looking forward to being OFF tomorrow. YAY!

Write write!