Friday, March 23, 2012

Another birthday...

DD's birthday is Sunday. We're doing the birthday dinner and presents tonight, which means I'll be leaving work soon to go buy said presents. We really are terrible about waiting to the last minute, but what can I say? (We'll see how the change of date for *my* birthday goes. Moving it up by a month is going to throw some people for a loop.)

Plus I have to take the dog *back* to the vet. She had an aural hematoma on her right ear. Meaning basically, the little blood vessels in her ear broke and filled the layers of skin with blood. The vet drained as much as she could, but couldn't get all of it. Then Wednesday, I noticed that her poor little ear flap is like a balloon again. So back to the vet with the dog for another consult and some steroids. The vet said Monday she wasn't keen on surgery for anything as this dog is like a hundred years old. So we'll see what she recommends.

The rain has ceased for the time being and it's a bright sunny cheery morning. A great day to be running around, me thinks, rather than stuck in my office.

I have a few things to get done here and then I'm off! Have a great weekend.


mtnchild said...

What do you mean you moved your birthday? You are celebrating in May? on the same date?

To me your birth date will always be 9 days after mine ... so there!!!!!

Love you

Jen FitzGerald said...

Well, the past several years hubby and Sonshine have been gone on my birthday, so I figured if we celebrated it the same day as Mother's Day, then I'm covered.