Monday, March 19, 2012

What's new, pussycat?

Well, the week's new. But that's about it.

The weather's odd, but that's not unusual for this time a year, although it's a wee bit early. Normally, we see this stuff in April, rather than March, but I think our whole weather pattern has shifted by a month or so. *shrugs* I dunno. --It just rained! And now it's done.--

We had our office A/C worked on last Friday and it seems to have finally worked. Last year we have three or four different A/C people come out, poke around, and give us song and dance about this that or the other. But none of them fixed it. We made it through the summer by the skin of our teeth. Since summer may come upon us sooner than usual, we decided to call back the company that had helped us out when the heat wasn't working.

One of the previous A/C people had *unhooked* the heater wires thinking that was the problem. *guh*. The tech who came out said to monitor the differential (that's A/C jargon for something) and call them back if things get worse again. We'd gone from a four degree differential to a ten. Higher is better. He also said, due to the age of our system, the max we'd probably see would be 12 to 15. Another contributing factor is that our ducts are full of gaps, so we're going to have someone fix those up. After that, I'm hoping we'll be good to go for this summer. I think they're expecting temperatures just as hot, though I certainly hope not for 80 straight days. :(

Sonshine got his glasses last week. They said 7 to 10 business days, but he got them in like 2 or 3. But that was fortuitous because then he had all the rest of spring break to let his eyes adjust to wearing them. And he looks quite good in them, too.

My Saturday went well. The regular chapter meeting was awesome as was my confab with my CPs afterwards. Everyone has reported back that are feeling rejuvenated or inspired, so YAY! As for me, I'm feeling the same--doubting my abilities to pull of this thing called writing. But I shall...

Keep calm and carry on!

Have a good week.

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mtnchild said...

Do not doubt your writing ability - good or bad you enjoy the process and the people you get together with ... isn't that worth it? Do not doubt your ability ... enjoy it!
Love you