Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump Day

I'm very glad it's Wednesday. I'm sure you can guess why.

I'm making a dent in the words I need for the week. So far 1573 of my 3000 word goal. Saturday might be something of a bust so I want to get as many words written beforehand as possible.

Also, I'm in training for Book in a Year, which begins March 17. My writing group will celebrate its 30th anniversary in March of 2013. As part of our celebratory events, we are doing book in a year again--we did it when we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2008. The idea is to finish a book in a year by meeting a specific monthly goal.

In our case, it's 25 pages or 6250 words. Well, obviously, if I can produce 3K words in a week, I should be able to achieve the goal easily and with some wiggle room should something come up. As an incentive, those who meet the monthly goal receive a charm and a bracelet with the first one). Those who meet every monthly goal will earn a special custom charm as well. So, not only do you have a finished book at the end of the year, but a lovely charm bracelet as a reminder of what you accomplished.

I can't wait to have a finished book and a charm bracelet. :)

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