Wednesday, March 14, 2012


First off, Marching Band Boy is now a wearer of glasses. Turns out he's near sighted. Maybe his grades will average a little higher. :)

Second, it's pretty much spring now. It's interesting that some trees are taking longer to leaf out than others. Same species, same place. It'll soon be apparent how many we actually lost from the drought last summer. No third I guess. Nothing exciting is going on around here. It's been very slow/quiet around the office and I've been fighting boredom by writing or playing Zoo Tycoon. Fun, eh?

Saturday is writers group day, so yay. Gonna hang with my critique partners after our meeting. Can't wait.

Hope your week is going well so far.

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mtnchild said...

Spring???? I'm not sure I know what that is anymore ... we are in a storm cycle that leaves the days GLOOMY. It's been close to a week without sunshine and that and the time change at the same time is driving me up the walls.

Send a picture of the kid in his new glasses ...
Love you