Friday, March 16, 2012

Potpourri, Part II

I forgot to mention, Venus AND Jupiter have been visible for the last several days. Well, I don't know about last night as it was too cloudy. But, yeah, right up in the western night sky, about 9pm Central, about 45* between the horizon and straight up. Wicked cool. If it were not so far away, Mars would have been visible as well in the Eastern sky.

My back yard is like a jungle--I started mowing last night, but could only mow that which was short enough to be cut by the lawn mower. We're gonna have to weed whack the rest first, then mow. Except there was this one spot where the dog likes to go and roll around. Every day she does this, so that was the only spot that didn't need mowing at all. :)

I've slept in several times this week since it's spring break and Sonshine doesn't have school. It's been delicious and the mornings have been perfect sleeping weather. We've been able to have the windows open too. Mmmm....

Whether because of spring break or the economy or a combination of both, this week has been extremely slow in my office. Which means I've had a boat load of time to write, and I have. So much so that I've been able to crank out 3K words AND play Zoo Tycoon AND get all my work done AND surf the Net.

And because of all those words, I've experienced a new phenomenon--swollen, achy fingers in the morning when I wake up. It goes away almost as soon as I get up and start moving around, but it's kinda cool on the one hand. On the other, it might be a bad omen. Dunno.

Except for phone calls and TCCDLA store orders that may come in (I process them) the day is mine, so I'm gonna get started...

Have a great weekend!

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