Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Roundup

It was quite a lovely weekend, actually. Even with having a disagreement with a person who drives my completely barmy every time our paths cross.

So Friday evening was quiet with just DD and I, as the boys plus sonshine's friend went into the office for a while. DD and I watched some more Grey's Anatomy.

Saturday was a fairly long day . . . I had my regular writers meeting, plus we had a board meeting prior to that, so my good friend and critique partner picked me up and we headed for the board meeting. It went as expected. The president probably hates me by now and probably dreads dealing with me. I've become that person. That person who likes to make waves. And for someone who doesn't like waves, it's irritating and scary and distressing. I know, 'cause I don't like the waves either. BUT I was on the board for five years, except for last year when I had to step down for the year, and I *know* what things prior to last year that were decided. I was even president for two of those five years, so I *know* the bylaws, I know the policy manual. I read them both over and over and over and over even before I was actually elected. I studied Roberts Rules of Order often during my tenure on how to conduct meetings. (Not that I always did such a great job there.) So I'm not just that person because I'm not usually that person, but I'm the only one on the board who was involved in the recent history of the board. I provide the continuity.

Well, enough of that--that wasn't the good part. :) The good part is that I submitted a scene to be critiqued for pacing and action tags during the meeting. And my scene was chosen. First, too. And I got some really lovely feedback on it which really meant a lot. For someone to read the scene--a random scene from the middle of the story--and get a major component of the plot just based on what they read was really amazing to me. And as I said, the kind and constructive comments really pleased me and made me feel all warm an fuzzy inside. :)

On to the next phase of my day . . . more peace and quiet with a bit of laundry. Until the boys came home and then . . . my son had to get ready for the military ball! Yep, his first formal, bow tie and all. And his date was the only one with any kind of corsage. He thinks it didn't matter, but I'm pretty sure it was noticed by a lot of other girls. I do have pictures, I just don't know the easy way to get them off my camera. I need cords. When I get cords, you will have pics.

On Sunday afternoon, DD, sonshine and I went to the Kimball Art Museum. DD had to go for a project for her art appreciation class and boyo and I tagged along. The museum was much smaller that I expected, which was good, as my knees were aching even form the little walking we had to do. We passed the Imax theater on the way and discovered "Tornado Alley" will be playing there through the fall. So we've made a date for three weeks hence to see the film and visit another museum.


mtnchild said...

Sounds like it was a busy weekend even if it was mostly relaxing. Making waves, huh? good for you!! That's one of the things I did at the City that got me in trouble, so watch out ... LOL

I can't believe T went to a 'ball'!!! I bet all the girls noticed that they didn't have a corsage!! There is still something to chivalry, and don't let that boy forget.

I remember once in a while going to museums and marveling at all the displays. My favorite was the La Brea Tar Pits with all the skeletons that was pulled out and that the pits are still bubbling away.

I just can't believe that you don't have cords with the business that you are in!!! But then I guess you don't put a lot of pictures on clients' sites ... LOL.

Love you,

Regina Richards said...

It was great to see you at the writer's meeting, Jen. The work you have read outloud was impressive. Great job.

Wendy S. Marcus said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks so much for adding my link to your blog! I really appreciate it! 12 people clicked on it so far!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Mom, I have cords for the camera, I just didn't have them with me. Pics coming today.

Regina, thanks bunches. I'm humbled and amazed that you picked up on the core of the plot just from that random scene I plucked from the middle of story.

Wendy, I didn't know 12 people were reading my rubbish! But you're welcome!!