Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm feeling chatty...

Apparently--seeing as how I've blogged three days in a row and have said nothing important. :)

LiveJournal, my social network drug of choice, was hit in the last seven/eight days with two concentrated DDoS attacks that were possibly politically motivated. LiveJournal is very popular in Russia and is a place where people can exercise their freedom of speech. Well, the Russian government of course doesn't like that, so some have hypothesized that...well, you can guess the rest.

Thank goodness it's Friday. It's been a rather long week, what with my PC being taken out by a virus and hubby running nine ways to Sunday while one of our techs was in training. But it's almost over now and I have two days away from work. I was going to say doing nothing, but that's not true. I will be painting and doing laundry and maybe some spring cleaning. Depends on how long my energy lasts. :) I hope it doesn't rain again--well, at least not until after the back yard gets mowed. After last week's downpour, it's calf-high again.

And "That's All Folks!"

See you next week.

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