Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting back up to speed...

Well, I have my computer back. I'm still missing some key programs, like Outlook and Office, but they aren't essential as I can access them on other PCs.

But getting everything re-installed and situated just the way I like, finding all my shortcuts and bookmarks is tedious and done on an as-needed basis.

Getting back into a routine is harder. I have--well *had*--a set list of daily tasks, but because my schedule/routine got out of whack from not having my computer for a week, I am floundering a bit, trying to remember everything and get back into the swing of things again....

And, of course, the phone keeps ringing.

The weekend was good, though. Productive. I like productive. Laundry was done for the week. I got my kitchen floor and half the living room floor (the half that didn't get mopped last time round) swept and mopped. Half the kitchen counter tops were cleaned. All the dishes were done. The spare room ceiling received its second coat of paint and the walls were cut in in preparation for their second coat. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the book was read, the film watched. (Yes, again.)

And, most importantly, time was spent with the kids. We played a couple of games on Saturday afternoon. That was nice. I mean the kids are 21 and the fact that they still want to play board games is good.

Happy Monday!


Regina Richards said...

You are so productive! All that in one weekend?

I didn't get half that much done, but i did do something. With my hubby and son I loaded a truck full of donations to the church garage sale and got them delivered Friday night. Then I filled up the garage again with more stuff I want to get rid of. Both hubby and son had to work Saturday morning so I couldn't get the second round over to the church. My son does lawns and needed his truck to work. So the second load of giveaways is still in the garage and this week I plan to keep adding to it. So the garage is getting heavier but the house is already feeling lighter. :)

Jen FitzGerald said...

That sounds pretty productive to me, Regina. I'm working on a lighter house, too. I really need to employ the adage, "If I haven't used it in six-months, why am I keeping it?" and really purge a lot of the junk.

But like I said, I only have so much energy so I have to pace myself. :)