Monday, April 4, 2011

And a good time was had by all...

Girls Writers Weekend (really, just an evening/following day) was a success. Marty and I successfully navigated our way to Dallas and found our friend's apartment without any trouble. We chatted, ate, and wrote on Friday. Saturday, we ate, chatted, wrote, and took a walk around the complex walking trail, around a small lake/pond thing with a fountain and turtles and coi. The trip home was a little dicey out of Dallas (sorry, Marty!) as traffic backed up on the way we needed to go and cars were flying across lanes in both directions to get were they wanted to be, so we had a bit of close shave. Once we got past that, though, the rest of the trip was relatively quick and easy.

Sunday was very productive. I got the second coat of paint on the paneling in my spare bedroom. YAY. My upper legs are very sore today from the crouching--the real, solid-wood paneling is on the lower half of the wall rather than sheet rock. Next step will be . . . hmmm . . . I should probably put a second coat on the ceiling and upper walls. Which means I have to go buy more of that color. I'm also waffling on whether or not to actually paint the one solid wall the lighter green color or leave it/paint it white. It also has paneling on it, though it's not the same as the other walls. We put up this wall to create this room from the dining room so rather than sheet rock, we used thin sheets of paneling. It's already white, but a bit dingy. I really wanted an open, airy, light room, but forgot how dark paint will dry. So I think I'm going to paint the wall white so as to help keep the room as light as possible. I'm also debating on leaving the chair rail molding/window and door trim white as well, rather than the lovely turquoise-y blue I bought. (I am taking pictures, so we'll see before and after.)

Then yesterday afternoon, as part of Sonshine's punishment for fibbing last week, he had to work on cleaning out the garage. So we got about half of that accomplished. It'll look much better once the local charity advertises its next visit to our neighborhood as we'll be able to get rid of the large pile of stuff we have for them. That'll help tremendously, too.

The kids and I played a couple of games, which was nice. And DD and I watched a bit of Grey's Anatomy while Sonshine tried to build something from all the scraps he cleared out of the garage. First it was going to be a dog house, but then he decided to build me a little step stool. That ultimately failed as he really didn't have the right kind of wood for the job. But he he was outside and using his brains and his brawn for a change. :)

So overall, a most excellent weekend.


mtnchild said...

Sounds wonderfully relaxing! I hope hubby was in on the garage cleaning ...

Yes, please take some pictures of the before and after of your room. I agree, don't use the turquoise-blue ... a bit stark against white walls. (I hate white walls-too sterile)

Ah, so sonshine is not too old for fibbing! Was it bad?

Love you

Regina Richards said...

I am so jealous that you got the garage cleaned out. I need to get out in mine and do the same.

The girls writing weekend sounds like fun. :)