Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On Monday afternoon, I got a bad something on my PC. So bad we are having to format my PC today. *sobs* Oh, I hate the drama that ensues when trying to do this because our organizational skills are always brought into focus. We cast about trying to locate all software needed to rebuild my computer only to find this time, that my stuff is nowhere to be found. I used to have all my stuff in a bag and I knew where it was. I guarded it with my life. Now--pfftt!--I have no freaking clue what happened to it all. I have my operating system and I know where QuickBooks is. I have no clue where anything else, including my MS Word.

So I have been working using another PC in the office which doesn't have all the tools I need to do a certain part of my I have to skip from PC to PC to do it. *grrr* And there will be more hand-wringing and more belly-aching as we go.

On top of that, I have to try to get downtown today to pay court fees and fines for my DD who's currently incarcerated. Yippee...

So since I've been down and can't do my normal stuff, I decided to do something productive and create a spreadsheet for hubby for our last season's fireworks sales. A day-by-day log of sales and inventory, etc. Tedious but important to have figures to watch sales trends and track popular items depending on the season (July vs. December). We've been in the store for 2 Decembers and 1 July and this is the first time we've gotten around to this. Decembers are not tooooo bad, but July's spreadsheet is going to be a nightmare. This coming July will be done on a daily basis.

Speaking of fireworks--the reason Dan decided to start selling them was because he bought so much of them and wanted to get better pricing. So now as we sell, people come in, plunk down $30, $50, $100, occasionally $300 for fireworks and are all set to have a rip-roaring good time. And you can, don't get me wrong. But hubby spent upwards of $5000 on fireworks for several years running, so I always have to chuckle when people make comments about how much they've spent. If they only knew!


mtnchild said...

Hope it wasn't a bug from me ...

As I sit here posting to you, it is starting to rain/snow! I have to go to town in a couple of hours, so I hope it finishes this nonsense by then.

I am also in a chicken killing mood! Yesterday as I was getting the girls in for the night, two of them charged over to one of the nesting boxes and started pecking away on an egg - no wonder I haven't been getting many lately!! They will be gone by this weekend!!!! I know I only get $2 per dozen, but 2 bucks is 2 bucks!!!

Hope you figure out where you put your bag of (computer) tricks. Do you have backups of all your files somewhere? I know you need to re config the computer first, but hopefully you still have all your info intact somewhere. You need to teach me to do that. I don't have anything really important on here, but ...

Love you,

Regina Richards said...

I had compputer troubles. I am completely helpless when it comes to things tech and so am forced to wait for someone more savvy to come to my rescue. I don't do helpless well. Makes me cranky.

$5000 on fireworks? Wowwee. I'm one of those who thinks if I spent $20 on fireworks it was a big holiday.