Thursday, February 9, 2023

Captain's Log: Supplemental


My watch word for this year is ABUNDANCE...

For the last couple of Januarys (2021 / 2022), I was "assigned" words for the year via a Facebook meme.

Well, I've spent way less time on Facebook than in years past-- and I don't miss it at all, to be honest -- so no memes and no words.

Not that I needed help this year.

As I mentioned in the very first post of 2023, this is the year of abundance and working toward even more abundance.

The premise of the book where I got the word is that the universe is abundant and that there really is enough for everybody.

Okay, I'm in.

Abundance is my word.

The start of the year was abundant in some ways, as I mentioned last Thursday. But the thing about most of my posts is that they're begun a couple of weeks before they're posted. I work on them and they're finalized anywhere from a few days to a week before I set them to post.

As a result, things happen and circumstances change. And that was the case of last Thursday's post. It was finalized and scheduled several days before the 2nd. So that was a good week and a half / two weeks ago.

What happened in the meantime?? A couple of financial dings, some down days, life.

That is life. I get it.

On Monday--this immediate past Monday--I came across a video by YouTuber Rose Han titled "How I Made My First Million Using the Law of Attraction." So I watched. (And I bumped today's originally scheduled post to next week in order to write what you're reading right now... Hence the post's title and image.)

And guess what word popped up within a minute and a half?

Yep, that's right--ABUNDANCE.

One of the things Rose shared was how she used vision boards as a tool to keep her motivated. She looked at it all the time to remind her of the things she was trying to accomplish. And I realized I hadn't looked at my vision board in at least a week. I certainly wasn't looking at it "all the time." (It certainly wasn't jam-packed with as many images either, but that's another issue.)

I pondered a way that I could keep my vision board in better view--

I'd hung it on the inside of my home office door, but the only time I see it is if I'm in my office and the door is closed. Well that doesn't happen often. And then it struck me.

--I have some real estate that I see every single day. Whether I'm at home or whether I'm at the office. My computer monitor desktops.

Right now I have a lovely picture of rolling farm fields in Pennsylvania on both PCs. I love that image. It has a lot of green (my favorite color) and a beautiful blue, cloud-dotted sky (love those kind of days).

So now I'm working on a digital / electronic vision board to set as my desktop background for a while. That way I'll be reminded of the things I'm working toward all day every day.

The other thing that Rose talked about was the "Law of Attraction." How like attracts like...

I only researched the "Law of Attraction" a little bit and can't give you a good run-down on it yet, but I'll be Googling it further to see the best way for me to implement its tenets.

All that to say...I needed a reminder and a kick in the pants. And I got both. I didn't realize I needed them until I watched the video, but there you go. The universe is watching out for me.

Take care and have a great weekend.


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