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2023 ~ The Year of Abundance


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Happy New Year, my dear followers. Hope your weekend was what you needed and wanted it to be. Mine was.

I'm not heading right into my specific goals for 2023 just yet. First, I'm gonna talk about some general tenets I'm going to adopt.


Over the course of 2021-2022, I read the book "Remembering Wholeness" by Carol Tuttle. My Amazon order history shows I ordered it at the very end of 2020 (!!), and I probably started reading it right away because I do remember practicing some of Ms. Tuttle's recommendations.

But somewhere along the way, I put the book aside. Then 2022 happened and there was no time or brain power until the last few months of the year. But I kept seeing it on my shelf and kept thinking I needed to finish it. Eventually I pulled it off the shelf and started reading again.


Let me preface the rest of this post with some backstory. A dear friend of mine has had various struggles most of the years I've known her, which is better than a decade now. She's a beautiful woman inside and out, and these struggles were through no fault of her own. At some point, however, she realized she needed to take control of her destiny and that of her family.

So back in 2018/2019/2020, utilizing some of Carol Tuttle's recommended practices, mostly regarding various types of prayer, my friend was able to turn things around. Since she read the book, she's realized all her original intentions and has, of course, moved on to bigger and better goals and new intentions.

I was impressed and envious and asked her how she made things happen. She pointed me to the book and so I bought it.

Now a caveat--Carol Tuttle is woman of strong faith, so most of her recommendations are faith- and prayer-based. If prayer is not your thing, then this may not be a book for you. It's also a tiny bit of an infomercial kind of thing. She has (had? it's an old book) some sort counseling practice going on that she mentions. And the technique she practiced sounded a little "out there." But who am I to judge? I, too, march to the beat of my own drummer.

Some of her stuff was a little too odd for me, but, on the other hand, some of it resonated strongly.

In writers circles, there's a saying, especially in regards to advice or editorial suggestions: "Take what works for you, and ignore the rest."

Although I made a lot of notes along the way, I applied that advice to this book. When I asked my friend about it, she felt the same. Use what works, and don't worry about the rest.

I should probably go back through my notes and see how many of those things still resonate.

There were a couple chapters there at the end that really got me, and one of those is where the title of today's post comes from.  "The Universe is Abundant." Ms. Tuttle's belief is just that. There's enough of everything for everyone. Even enough money.

One of the recurring threads of the book is that the universe only gives one back what one puts into it. So, theoretically, if someone complains about about a bad situation, they're going to keep experiencing that bad situation because they keep putting it out there in a negative way. Conversely, if someone puts good, positive thoughts into the universe, then they would get good, positive things back.

Nothing's free, of course. You do have to do some work. My friend went back to school and got a new job in her quest for a better life and a better income. But the universe aligned the cogs to help her make those things happen. She's even a homeowner again.

So all that to say, I'm putting putting positive things into the ether this year. I'm going to be grateful for:

An abundance of  TIME.

An abundance of  LOVE.

An abundance of  MONEY.

An abundance of  FAMILY.

An abundance of  ENERGY.

An abundance of  SUCCESS.

An abundance of  HEALING.

Here's to an ABUNDANT 2023.

Take care and I'll talk you soon.


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