Thursday, January 12, 2023

National Hot Tea Day


Image courtesy of IMGBIN.

Pip Pip Cheerio! Today is National Hot Tea Day.

If you don't know about my love for hot tea by now, you don't know me at all...

I drink it winter and summer, fall and spring; morning, afternoon, and evening as the mood strikes.

My absolute favorite tea, has been for years, is Perfectly Mint by Bigelow. If anyone wanted to buy me a box or multiple boxes of that, I'm happy to receive it.

I do, in fact, have a six-box subscription from Amazon set up because a) I drink that much of it and b) sometimes my local grocery store has trouble keeping it in stock.

Yes, Perfectly Mint tea is my one addiction.

DH and DD do both, on occasion, drink it as well. DH drinks it more regularly, often having it instead of coffee; but DD only drinks it when she's not feeling well and laden with sugar. I gave up sugar in most teas ages ago, during my major weight loss effort. These days, I'll only sugar my tea if I have a sweet tooth but nothing else to indulge it with. (I need to get back to that situation.)(Soon.)

If you're an enjoyer of hot tea, then every day's a day to enjoy a cup.

But if you only indulge every once in a while, well, today--National Hot Tea Day--is the day to put the kettle on and settle in for a cuppa of your favorite blend. Do share your favorite variety of tea in the comments.

Be well. See you Monday.


P.S. I think I subconsciously picked today's particular image because of the green tea bag tag. I didn't notice it at first. Not until I came back and began drafting this post. My Perfectly Mint tea bag tags are -- you guessed it -- that shade of green. :0)


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