Monday, January 24, 2022

WORDS of the YEAR ~ 2022 Edition

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In early January of 2021, as I was scrolling through Facebook one fine morning, I found a meme that said the first four words you found in a word-search like chart of words were your words for the year.

Last year's words were creative, adjustment, gratitude, and strength. My thoughts on their potential can be found here.

Looking back though...

Creativity--even though I struggled with the writing of books, I came up with two new series ideas to go with the Christmas books. I also came up with a new cross-stitch pattern idea which I created and which sold a handful of times.

Adjustment--there weren't as many adjustments as I expected; the wheels of change move slowly in our company. Maybe this year.

Gratitude--I have have definitely grown more grateful this year for various and sundry reasons.

Strength--looking back, I'm not sure where / how this came into play since none of the concepts I mentioned in last year's post came to pass.

Of course this 'words of the year thing' is the result of a meme, but they're fun to ponder nonetheless.

I can across another such meme a few days ago and this year's words are: creation, love, connect, alignment.

Last year I had a creativity, this year I have creation...a natural progression. We'll see what I can create this year.

Love following last year's gratitude? Makes sense. I'm trying to love people better. The world needs more kindness and love. Plus my momma's coming to live with us. I have a have a chance to be with her and love on her.

The year of connecting. Well, with Mom coming to live us, we'll definitely be re-connecting. And I'm looking forward to spending time with her after all these years we've been living on opposite ends of the country.

My last word is alignment...I'm not entirely sure what this portends. I was so excited about my personality strengths--that I still haven't fully shared with y'all--but there's a lot of talk in the Strengths group about getting into alignment with your top ten strengths so that you can be better / be faster at whatever you do because you're utilizing your strengths to their fullest potential. I'll take some of that, please. But it could also have to do with my physical body...I don't doubt a session or two with a chiropractor would go amiss. :0) There are other more internal ways for this to be important as well, but that's for me to discover.

So once again, words for 2022:


It'll be interesting to see how these play out over the next year.

Take care.

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