Monday, February 20, 2023

National Love Your Pet Day


So Today is National Love Your Pet Day...a day to show your love and appreciation to the non-human family members. Not that true pet-lovers need a special for that, huh? I read something recently that said that sales at online pet retail sites is growing, so people are already splurging big time on the Fifis and Fidos in their lives.

But as this is a love your pet day post, let me share pics of my babies.

My dear sweet Rayna, you know. This is her when we first adopted her. So young, so dark-furred.

She's been a constant and loyal companion for a decade now, and the house is going to be strange place without her in it.

On the other hand, we've have two new fur babies in residence to fill the void a bit...

And it appears, much to my surprise, that I've never shared pictures of these two? I've searched through the archives of the blog images and can't find a single one.


Anyway... Here's Rascal, the little dog... He's a sweetie and a charmer. He still barks a lot because that's what little dogs do, I've been told. But we thank him for warning us of dangers and that usually quiets him fairly quickly.

He's in for a surprise trip to the groomer later--he needs his claws, er, nails trimmed.

And last but not least, our gentleman cat in residence... Waldo.

Waldo is a sweet old man, with a bit of a feisty streak. He can also be a little clueless, sometimes too fearless for his own good. He's a tall lanky cat--stands taller than Rascal, which amuses me.

And we learned, with the Brown-Eyed Girl's visit, that he has a very healthy fear of strangers. He's very affable and friendly with the usual residents, but he went into hiding while the Brown Eyed Girl was up and around during the day.

But as DD said--the last time a stranger came into his house, he ended up with major upheaval to everything he'd ever known and ultimately thousands of miles away in a new state and a new house. Who knows what his situation was before Mom adopted him. He may have some PTSD, poor guy.

If you're a pet owner, today's just an excuse to splurge on your finned, scaled, feathered, or furry friends.

Have a great week.


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