Monday, August 26, 2019

Proteins and Fats and Carbs, oh my!

It's absurd how easily affected my system has become by grain-based carbohydrates and affected badly.

When you eat something like a donut or drink a soda, you expect that you're going to experience a sugar crash at some point right?

Well, that's been happening to me from eating Cheerios and eating the carb-balance tortillas.

Last week, I had a bowl of Cheerios for an early lunch and had to take a nap because I was feeling so lethargic afterward.

It's a bummer and a blessing. A bummer because I love carbs. And not much beats a bowl of cereal on a hot summer day--except maybe--definitely--some ice cream.

Now I've given up every type/flavor of cereal except Cheerios because I buy them for DH. But it looks like now, I can only indulge every once in a while and when I can nap as needed.

Today, I had a single tortilla wrapped around some protein and even that left me feeling like I could close my eyes and sleep.

It's a blessing because I'd rather give them up than feel so out of sorts during the day. And that's gonna be better for my bottom and my bottom line.

But, man, am I bummed.

On the other hand, I've reached another weight-loss low on my way to getting back to where I was a while back.

Also, congrats to DH who has lost 11 lbs. since July 8. He put himself on an exercise and eating plan and has stuck to it. I'm so proud and excited for him.

Have a great week.

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