Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday, Monday...

And back from a three-day writers retreat, although I didn't go to far from home. Still, it was a chance to meet some new writers and to bank some words, which I did.

Thursday night we all set goals for the weekend, which officially ended at 11am Sunday morning.

My goal was 5000 words -- which I did not meet, but was calculated by doubling my daily word count for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Doubling my word count for three days put me at 3750 words, which I passed. Along with that, I wanted to write a synopsis, which I did. I also needed to break Snowball into chapters in preparation for sending to the editor this week. Which I also did.

All in all a very productive two-and-a-half/three days.

Despite the challenge of writing a synopsis--

Being an independent publisher I don't have to write them for myself, so I never have. However, synopses are being required to participate in the anthologies.

--I feel like having them has been an aid in actually writing the book itself.

Go figure.

A synopsis is basically a high level bullet point telling of the story. The publisher wants to ensure you can bring the story successfully to fruition/conclusion.

It seems to help me keep my eye on the end game.

I also spent a lot of time rethinking the story a bit and came up with a more feasible plot line for the word count I have to work with--which dropped from 15K to 12K since there are a few more authors participating. Yikes.

Anyway, hope you had a lovely weekend. Catch you Wednesday.

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