Friday, August 16, 2019

It's Raining... It's Pouring...

No that's not a typo or a brain fart. The rain is gone and it's hot here once again.

I'm referring to the words. They poured out of me yesterday afternoon while waiting for my oil change and again this morning during my usual writing time.

Oh, what a feeling. It's awesome.

They're not awful words, certainly not great (yet), but now that they're on the page they can be fleshed out, tweaked, edited. Made better.

My synopsis for the next anthology was "approved" the other day and the notification came along with some comments and suggestions. I'm not generally one to be contrary, and when working on a project like this or, say, writing for an official publisher, an author generally does what the editor says unless he or she feels really strongly about an issue and can logically refute the change. It is the author's story after all and s/he should have some control/say so even when it's being published by someone else.

Okay, so it's a Valentine's Day anthology, coming out--you guessed it--next Valentine's Day. Now, the original V-Day anthology had to be postponed because not enough people made the deadlines and that was before I came aboard for the second anthology, so I have no idea what parameters were originally set forth.

This time the info was basic, timelines and deadlines and such, but for newcomers like me, the requirement of the big moment happening on Valentine's Day would have been helpful to know going into the project. It might seem like an obvious thing to some, but not to me. I'm feeling a bit disgruntled about the whole thing, but making that happen--aside from the fact that hockey games are played on Feb 14th and one of my heroes is a hockey player--won't take much work.

The other won't take much work either but coincidences do happen, right?? But when two people point it out, you have to stop and reconsider. I ended up giving both my heroes type one diabetes. Originally, just the hockey player had it--

Don't forget  it's an anthology featuring heroes and heroines who deal with some sort of disability in their life.

--but then the other guy had it too. When a friend commented on it and then the coordinator commented on it, well. I could dismiss one person's concern, but two people's and one of them the coordinator? A little harder to brush off.

So now I have to ponder the logistics change. It's doable. Fairly easy even, but ugh. I don't want to.

Oh, well. Suck it up buttercup, right??

Anyway, have a great weekend!!

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