Monday, August 5, 2019

Coming at things from another angle...

Sorta kinda but not really.

I have a hard time learning when information is being flung at me and I don't really understand it or it's new. I have a less hard time in writers workshops because I'm familiar with the lingo and the concepts, etc.

I have a book that I like to use for plotting. The plan of attack makes sense to me, the concepts make sense to me. The execution is harder for me, but that's a different issue.

Come to find out, there's an audio version of this book. Since it wasn't cost prohibitive (only $5.49 or something) I bought it. Listening to the book was helpful as I heard things that I'd glossed over (after multiple readings) or hadn't really registered properly.

So I made some progress on plotting this next anthology submission. I've started writing it since the beginnings are usually easiest and we'll see how it goes.

I also got the timeline for this next anthology. I wasn't really happy about it, but it turns out I have more official writing days than I did the last time, even after calculating days I take off like Sundays to prepare for the upcoming week and writers group days. I can write those days if I want to, but there's no pressure if I need the time to adult or rest or whatever.

It also means the book is done before I go to my conference, which I'm not sure is a good thing, only because it's one more thing on my plate to worry about over the next two months.

On the other hand, welcome to the world of being a published author. I have a friend who writes books for a living--and raises four kids and supports her DOD husband and runs various types of marathons. So yeah. I can choose to or choose not to. Right now, I'm choosing to do this because I enjoy writing and I like the influx of cash into my business account each month. :0)

No way I could churn out more than two books a year at this point however. I need to hone a few skills first.

Anyway, I hope you had a good weekend...

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