Friday, August 2, 2019

Back to School...

I've got to say, I don't miss having school-age kids. The thought of all that stressful school-shopping and money-spending makes me shudder. Now, do I like getting pens and spiral notebooks for the office on sale? Sure. The rest? RIP. :0)

TGIF...although it hasn't been a bad week despite the transition from one month to the next. I got a head start on all my new-month tasks, so that makes the shift much smoother. All I've got left to do of the major things is send out the monthly invoices and download bank statements to reconcile accounts. Nice.

I tried to work hard on plotting yesterday and made some small strides, but as I do 95% of the time when wrestling with this aspect of writing, I end up feeling stupid and frustrated because there's an aspect of this that I don't get, that hasn't clicked. I'm not quite sure what it is, because if I did, I could research it and learn it.

I've taken several different classes, listened to an online webinar thing, read a book or two in regards to plotting/setting up your characters/etc/etc/etc and it's still a struggle. Like I said, something isn't clicking.

I wonder if a one-on-one mentor/coach situation would help me... Someone who could sit down with me as I utilize the different tools at my disposal and ask questions when I get stuck to unstick me or point me in a better direct and help me somehow figure out what's going to work more often than not.

It's especially frustrating when I breeze through plotting a book like I did in March and then breeze through writing said book like I did in April and then here we are again and >>BRICK WALL<<


Anyway, looking forward to the weekend. Have a great one.

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