Friday, January 20, 2017

To gym or not to gym...

That is the question every morning at 3:40AM. Yep, that's what time I get up to go to the gym.

I've been okay going every other day. I haven't had any issues making the decision to roll out of bed.

But here's the thing, I know I have to take it to the next level. I hit my lowest (weight) low again and the only way to get under it is to push myself harder at the gym. Which is not a problem once I'm there. The problem is getting there more often.

I've been telling myself that instead of every other day, I would start two going two days in a row, with one day off, and it's taken me two weeks to make that happen. Last night, I opted for extra pretzels before bed because I told myself I was going to the gym this morning.

This morning, when the alarm went off...yeah, I was super warm and cozy, and I could have easily rolled over and slept like a baby until the next alarm. But then I though about those extra pretzels and the smorgasbord of delicious food that will tempt me tomorrow (it's writers group day and we meet in a restaurant), and I forced myself out of bed.

Once I'm up and moving, I'm fine. It's just that initial decision, that slide out of warmth into chilly that's difficult.

But I won today.

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