Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Last 2016 Goals Update... And 2017 Goals

Honestly, nothing much has changed from the 3rd quarter update, so I'm not gonna rehash anything.

Let's just move onto my goals for this year...

1) The biggest goal, which has been in place since this past summer, is to publish some books. Six to be exact...four in June for my birthday, one 30 days later, and another 60 days after that. Three are complete, two are done but need serous revisions, one is in the planning stages. I need to spend some time on book three...and book five...but otherwise, I'm on track.

2) This has been on this list for at least two years, if not three... Reach 120lbs. In actuality, my goal is somewhere between 120 and 125. I finally broke a plateau I'd been stuck on for a long time, so as long as I keep on keepin' on at the gym, I think I'll finally accomplish this one.

3) I'm going to put walking the dog on here again because I need to, for both of us. She definitely benefit from it and it'll do me some good as well. I guess I should stipulate frequency, huh? Otherwise, I could make one trek around the block and call her done. :) So let's say three times a week...

4) Last year, I claimed it'd take money and cleaning lady to get my house cleaner. I didn't come up with the cash, so the house only got cleaner when I got motivated. Motivation only came upon me a couple of times. But I think I want to get back into my cleaning routine... Although I am stating for the record that this won't come to pass until probably March. I'm juggling too many things in January and February.

5) Along with the house cleaning, I want to cleanup and then setup and organize my writing/craft room so that I can work in there. I hope this'll include adding a work space as well as containers and such for having my stuff sorted and handy when the mood strikes. I did start on the cleaning on New Years Day.

6) Part of reaching my goal weight and being generally healthier as well as helping DH on his weight loss journey will be to cook better meals. Of course, money is a factor in what kind of meals can be prepared, and things should be less tight this year, so more protein and green veggies for us. If you have any good/simple/easy recipes, please share.

Reading is no longer a goal. Frankly, it's a way of life for me, so it's not going on the list. At the moment, these are the major things I can think of. Should anything else occur, I'll add it.

What about you?

Care to share your goals for 2017?

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