Monday, January 30, 2017

Let's talk about hockey a little bit more...

So All-Star Weekend for the first. I didn't get involved in all the social media outlets, listening to mic'd up players, etc, etc, etc... I watched the skills competition on Saturday and the games on Sunday.

I think the star of the skills competition was young Ryker Kesler, son of the Anaheim Ducks Ryan Kesler, who took dad's second shootout shot and scored on one of the leagues best goalies, Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens. For real. I think it was a legit score as six-foot-something Price didn't know how to defend against his four-foot-tall opponent.

Now Tyler was only in one skills competition. He didn't win though. And the Central Division team on which he played completely combusted and got their asses kicked by the Pacific Division team 10 to 3. Not sure why is was such a rout, so I didn't get to see much of him.

On the other hand, Sidney Crosby defended his honor against up-and-coming Auston Matthews in the accuracy shooting competition and scored a goal during the game.

In other news, I mad great progress on my book revisions and might just make my deadline.

How was your weekend?

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