Wednesday, January 18, 2017

So hockey's my new fangirl love...

Who knew listening to or watching a hockey game could be so stressful??

I mean, I know for the players it is, obviously, because they're trying to win the game and keep the opposing team from scoring. It is for the coaches when the team is taking a few on the chin...

But for a fan--or perhaps I should say a fan for any given can be nerve-racking too.

So I'm fan-girling the Stars because they're my home team and because the two faces of the franchise, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn, are some pretty nice faces (and bodies) indeed.

(Tyler Seguin on the left, Jamie Benn on the right.)
(We don't know nor care about the guy in the middle.)

I also follow the Pittsburgh Penguins because that's Sonshine's team, so, you know. And Sidney Crosby isn't hard on the eyes either.

So let's take the Stars. Now they've been having a rough season, no rhyme or reason to their wins or losses. They beat teams they shouldn't and lose to teams whose asses they should have kicked. So, yeah, it's hard to know while you're watching or listening which way it's going to go. I know they feel way worse about the losses than I do, but man, as a fan, you just can't predict when they're gonna start falling apart. So you sit clenched, waiting for it all to implode because usually it's just a matter of time...

Now let's talk about the Pens--the 2016 Stanley Cup winning Pens. Yeah, them.

When I watch or listen to a game, all is fine. I don't get stressed out or freaked out even if they give up a goal or two, because they've proven over and over this season (and previous one's I'm sure) that they can come back--and they do. Just the other night, they were down by 2 going into the second period. Then Washington scored making the deficit 3-0. And guess what happened? They answered back with five goals before the Capitols could score again. They won the game 34 seconds into overtime.

So yeah big difference in how I feel watching these teams. Go Stars! (They did pull out a win last night...)

Anyway, Happy Hump Day!

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