Friday, January 13, 2017

Made it through the week...

Even with my daily longer-than-normal list of things to do each day and despite crossing off the bulk of those items, I'm not feeling like I'm making progress.

Last night I sat down to revise for a minimum of an hour. When I looked at the clock in my office when I was done, I thought 'wow, I worked two hours!' It felt like two hours, but it turns out it was only an hour. :( The clock in my office is an hour off... It really did feel like two hours.

Maybe I'm just tired because I've had so many things to accomplish (and done so) and I started back to the gym after two weeks of not going.

But I'm definitely happy it's Friday even though Saturday will probably be busy with writer group stuff. I'm looking forward to Sunday. And I'm hoping that next week I'll be feeling a little more energetic.

On a more sporty note...the STARS won last night and my favorite STAR, Tyler Seguin, was chosen for the NHL All Star Game. This makes his fourth time being selected. Way to go boys!

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Unknown said...

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!