Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Update...

It looks as if I'll have my streets finished in the next day or two. They'd lined up the big equipment and trucks filled with asphalt yesterday, and this morning when I left the house, the road construction crew was already hard at work at the end of the street. Oh, yay! I can't tell you how happy this makes me for several reasons.

First, I've missed walking in the mornings. I was coming to the office early and walking around the building, but now that school's back in session and I'm the one driving Sonshine, I can't leave the house that early. Once the end of my street, the end of the street just south of mine and the cross street that runs along the west end of the blocks are done, I can start walking again. The green is what's torn up and extends farther south. (South being the bottom of the picture.)

Second, being outside generally helps keep me emotionally healthier and, of course, the exercise in and of itself makes me feel better physically which then helps with the emotional. I'd never have considered myself a depressed person, but my emotional state is easily affected by certain things which unfortunately are very prevalent in my life at the moment. So I have to be watchful and aware.

Third, my weight loss efforts have been going relatively well. Until this week. Because I slacked off in the exercise aspect, even though according to my app I didn't consume more calories that I should have, I gained back the few pounds this week that I'd lost last week. However, overall, I'm doing great.

In the very beginning, when I first started the whole thing, I weighed 168lbs. That was according to the floor scale I bought. The Wii however registers my weight 1.9lbs. less. So adjust that starting weight to 166.1lbs. since I now use the Wii exclusively to weigh in. Last night I weighed in 153.7lbs. for a total loss of 12.2lbs since February. I'd gotten under 152 last week, but gained it back this week. :( Once I can start walking again, then I should be able to shed those pounds and continue losing.

In other news, yesterday, as I'm sure you know, was the 11th anniversary of the 9-11 Attacks on our nation. The JROTC at Sonshine's school held a short memorial ceremony. Sonshine was honored by being asked to play Taps during the raising/lowering of the flags to half staff. Subsequently, he was asked by the principal to play TAPSs to the whole school over the PA system. Cool, huh? And it was apparently so good (to the students who probably wouldn't know any better) they thought it was a recording. :)

Did you participate or watch any 9-11 memorials?

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