Friday, September 21, 2012

Keep on truckin'...

I've been wanting to share this for a while.

I see this old man almost everyday out walking his dog. This man has been out walking with his walker and his dog for at least six years as I used to see him when DD was in high school. It warms my heart to see him everyday. Never give up and never surrender, even to getting older.

Info on another novella contest has crossed my path. I'm going to enter A Snowball's Chance in Texas for sure, since it's finished (one of the stipulations of the contest). And I'd like to enter a second manuscript, but nothing else is finished so I have to determine if I can finish something else by November 1st.

If I can buckle down and finish Children With a Chance of Marriage by then, that would be awesome. Then I'd have the duet finished, too. But I'm afraid the story still needs some tweaking and I'm not sure what to tweak or how. *sigh* But tomorrow will have a couple of hours--after grocery shopping--devoted to writing.

Last night, I worked on the synopsis for Snowball. It still needs some work, but at least now I have something to work on/with.

I did go work in the garage last night and it despite it being the garage, I was blessedly alone and it was wonderful. Until everyone thought they needed to let me know they were leaving and when they got back. Can you just leave me a not eon the door please??? We're gonna talk about that.

And since it's Friday, I bid you a good weekend!!

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